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The Office of the Comptroller provides fiscal and support services for the University’s instructional, research, public service, and economic development activities for the benefit of the faculty, staff, and students.  These services include providing financial services to the University, its customers, and community; protecting the University’s financial resources; financial reporting for the University; managing our students’ financial records and needs; and accounting for all financial transactions in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws as well as University regulations, policies, and procedures.

Tuition and Fees

Current Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Breakdown for TOPS

Table 4.c.i

Table 4.c.ii

State Travel

2014-2015 State Travel Guide Regulations (PPM 49)

Travel Frequently Asked Questions

All non-official state employees riding in a vehicle owned or rented by the University must sign this Hold Harmless Agreement

Insurance on Rented/Leased/Personal Vehicles used for University business.

State of Louisiana Office of State Travel

W-9 Information

In accordance with IRS regulation, we are required to maintain a current IRS Form W-9 on file for all vendors used by the University.  This rule encompasses any person or company to which the University pays.  Because of the volume of vendors the University uses, it is the responsibility of each department to ensure a W-9 is received from a vendor before submitting a requisition.  To avoid requesting duplicates, a list of all W-9s the University has received can viewed here.  This list will be routinely updated.  If the person or company you wish to have paid is not listed, you must receive a W-9 from that person or company before submitting for payment.  No payment will be issued without a current W-9 on file.  The current form W-9 is available at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf

 If you do receive a W-9 from a vendor, attach the W-9 to your requisition or contract before submitting for payment or routing. 

To summarize, you should request a form W-9 from all vendors unless that vendor is on the index list OR if you become aware that a vendor that is on the list has changed names (i.e., if an individual has incorporated). 

Tech Express

The Tech Express account is a prepaid debit account available to students, faculty, and staff. This account is designed for safe and convenient cash management and may be used for purchases at a number of locations on and off campus including:

 Tech Express Link

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Policy


Office of Comptroller Specific Forms

Perkins Loan Information

Perkins Loan Information

1098 Forms

Tax Information for 1098-T's

1098 Reprints

Bonds/Crime Loss Control Program

Bonds and Crime Loss Control Program

Vault and Safe Loss Control Program

Vault and Safe Loss Control Program

Budget Object Codes

Budget Object Code List - Expense

Budget Object Codes - Expenses

Fringe Benefit Rates

2014-2015 Fringe Benefit Rate

Displacement Allowance

2014-2015 Displacement Allowance