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State Liability Travel Card Program

Louisiana Tech University has entered into an agreement with the State of Louisiana and Bank of America to participate in the State Liability Travel Card.  The travel card is a tool used to assist employees in paying for specific, higher cost travel expenses, incurred during travel for official state business.

To receive a travel card, employees must submit  a Cardholder Agreement  and Enrollment Forms to the Office of the Comptroller and complete an online cardholder certification course through the State's training site, LEO.  The cardholder's supervisor must approve all travel card purchases.  The approver must be at least one level higher than the cardholder, have knowledge of the cardholder's business needs, complete the Approver Agreement Form, and complete the approver online certification on LEO.  Failure to have a supervisor participate in the program can prevent the card from being issued.  Cardholders must always adhere to the policies and procedures issued by the Office of State Purchasing and Travel, as well as Louisiana Tech University's policy.

The cardholder or the approver must initial every "box" on the applicable agreement form.

Procedures and Forms

Allowed Travel Card Expenses

Below are the State Liability Travel Card allowable expenses.  All charges must fall within the Office of State Purchasing and Travel's and Louisiana Tech University's policies, and PPM-49.