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The Perkins Loan Department in the Office of the Comptroller is responsible for processing and collecting Perkins Loans.  Should you have any questions regarding a loan that has already been disbursed to you, please contact one of our  staff members.  If you are requesting information on how to obtain a Perkins Loan, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Perkins Loan Department Contact Information

The Perkins Loan Department is located in Keeny Hall, Room 237 and follows the University office schedule..

Mailing Address:

Louisiana Tech University
Perkins Loan Department
P.O. Box 7924
Ruston, LA  71272

Physical Address:

Louisiana Tech University
Perkins Loan Department
237 Keeny Circle
Ruston, LA  71272




(318) 257-2031


(318) 257-2033

Perkins Related Forms

Request for Deferment or Partial Cancellation of Loan

Forbearance, Economic Hardship, Unemployment

Change of Address Form

Perkins Loan Automatic Monthly Payment (ACH) Authorization

Entrance Interviews

Once you have accepted an award letter containing a Perkins Loan from the Financial Aid Office, you will be required to complete an online entrance interview counseling session.  Click on the link below to begin your counseling session.

Mapping Your Future Online Perkins Entrance Counseling

Exit Interviews

Upon graduating, dropping below half-time status, or withdrawing from the university you are required to complete an exit interview.  A packet will be mailed to you either prior to graduation or after the Perkins Loan Department is notified that you have dropped below half-time status or have withdrawn from the university.  Your packet will contain a copy of your repayment schedule.  The repayment schedule will detail the amount borrowed through the Perkins Loan program, your monthly repayment amount, and the date repayments are scheduled to begin.  Also, enclosed will be a copy of your promissory note, a Request for Deferment or Partial Cancellation of Loan form, and information concerning loan consolidation.

Once you have received this information, you should complete your exit interview counseling session.  A hold will be placed on your Louisiana Tech University records until the Perkins Loan Department receives notification from Mapping Your Future that your exit interview counseling session has been completed.  A hold on your Louisiana Tech University records will prevent you from re-enrolling at Louisiana Tech University or obtaining an official copy of your transcript.  Click on the link below to begin your counseling session.

Mapping Your Future Online Perkins Exit Counseling

Please note that if you are graduating with an undergraduate degree and returning for graduate school, you must still complete an exit interview counseling session.

How to Make a Loan Payment

Payments received after 3:00 p.m. CST will be posted on the  next business day.

Loan payments are due by the 10th of each month.  You will be mailed a monthly statement as a reminder, however; even if you do not receive a statement, you are responsible for making your payment by the 10th.  If you have not received a statement and need to verify your payment amount, please  contact the Perkins Loan Department.

Payments may be made by several methods.  Cash, money orders, or personal checks are accepted either in person or by mail.  Credit or debit cards bearing the Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo are accepted either in person or by phone.  Please note that the State of Louisiana mandates a 2% service charge be added to all credit or debit card payments.  See the  Location and Contact Information page for our mailing address and telephone number.

If you are mailing your payment, please remember that your payment must be received by the Perkins Loan Department on or before the 10th  .  You should allow sufficient time for your payment to be delivered.  Additionally, please include the tear off coupon portion of your statement or write your loan ID number on your payment.  This assists in making sure that your payment is posted to your account properly.